Uniformity.io was created by a core team with many years (decades!) of experience with data ETL and API integrations. We are a cloud first company that believe in delivering real value.

Our technology is focused on SCALE, SECURITY and RELIABILITY. That is it! We enable our peers in technology to get things done - securely and reliably. Our team are technology veterans who have been through decades of challenges and understand our customers' challenges. Every change we make considers how our client wants to use our software, is it as secure as it can be and will it scale on demand? These are our guiding pillars that we live and breath every day. We understand that the task of creating a data warehouse, data lake or AI stack is complex and as such we want to take some of that pain away by simplifying the flow of data from your SaaS providers into your central data store.

We operate a no hierarchy business where people are valued by their contribution and ability. We encourage a diverse and distributed team. We trust our team to build the best software and serve our clients to the best of their abilities - because that is their passion.

If you would like to work with us on our journey or would simply like to get to know us better - just get in touch.

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