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Join the dots between all of your marketing data

How well do you know your customers?

It can be extremely difficult to measure the impact of advertising when you are using multiple channels and methods.

We use your internal data and external data from advertising channels to provide deep insights into the return on investment from your advertising budget.

Your analytics journey

In the marketing world it is critical to utilize the latest technology to maintain a competitive advantage.

We bring you on a journey to gain real value from data. We allow you to bring all of your PPC data together. We can include media monitoring data also. Use this in conjunction with your other business data such as billing and service delivery to get a full view of the ROI on your marketing initiatives.

  • Life Time Value: Google Adwords and Facebook PPC campaigns provide excellent analytics on your campaign spend, acquisition rates and cost per acquisition (CPA). However, we go deeper. We take the same data from Google and Facebook and we bring in data from your transacton and billing systems to get a full view of a customer life cycle. We measure the lifetime value (LTV) of each customer and provide an ROI analysis per campaign. This enables you to make informed decisions on your campaignn spending and tolerance levels for CPA.
  • TV & Radio ROI: Advertising on Radio and Television in particular can be extremely expensive. How do you measure the impact of this advertising? Are you certain the station has the demographic reach it claims? What is the response rate between different creative agencies? We take a data stream from the media monitoring companies and overlay this on a time series analysis with your transactional systems. This is extremely effective in confirming demographic reach and ROI per channel on different days and at different times of day. Our clients have successfully stream-lined their budgets by leveraging our solutions.
  • Cohort Analysis: Cohort analysis allows us to see patterns across the life-cycle of a customer. Rather than looking at all customers blindly we consider the natural cycle of a customer journey. By analysing cohorts over time, a company can adapt its service to those specific cohorts.
  • Email & SMS Marketing: Generic communications are Spam. Even for signed up customers to your marketing materials, if they sound generic they are regarded as Spam by the recipients. To quote MarketingLand, "‚ÄúPersonalized emails deliver six times higher transaction rates, but 70% of brands fail to use them." We can add significant value to your efforts to personalise your outbound communications. We work with your customer and transactional databases to create very specific segmentation rules. We use this data to send hyper personalised communications to your customers - contacting the right person at the right time with the right message. For data protection (incl. GDPR), we also insure that all marketing consent, opt-outs and blacklists are respected when creating the segments. Finally, and crucially, we measure the impact. We do not just fire and forget. Each segment and the response rate is measured, enabling your team to analyse and improve the segments and messaging at every iteration.
  • Secure & Scaleable: Our solution utilizes the latest in cloud technology for true scalability and resilience.

Get control of
your data

Your business runs using cloud SaaS applications and internal systems. You need to provide reports, business intelligence and AI experiments on all of this data. You need all of the data in one place. We make that happen with zero code or engineering time from your team. You focus on the outputs while we focus on moving the data.

  • Bring your data under your own control.

  • Improve your business workflows, products and internal software.

  • Integrate your SaaS products into a unified source of data.

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