Uniformity Consulting for Financial Services

When the standard solution is not enough

The right solution to each problem

Our management team has gained deep experience in Tier 1 banking technology and we work with London City financial services companies.

Whether your business is in financing, insurance, trading, life & pensions, advisory or compliance - we can extract more value for your business from your data.

We bring industry experience from Tier 1 banking to your business - breaking down the barriers for all businesses to utilize the same tools that global corporations have at their finger tips.

Understand what is going on in your business. Sales team measurement. Measure product & unit profitability. Measure marketing performance.

Your analytics journey

In the financial world it is critical to utilize the latest technology to maintain a competitive advantage.

We bring you on a journey to gain real value from data. Most companies operate in an ad-hoc manner with silo system and manual reporting. We bring you from that to Descriptive and Diagnostic analytics and finally enable you to embrace Machine Learning & Artifical Intelligence.

  • Unify your data: Measure all of your business by bringing all systems together.
  • Transaction Monitoring: Automate surveillance of transactions allowing analysts to focus on new threats.
  • Anti-money laundering: Identify & track cases that require a Know Your Customer check. Name check against Sanction lists and Politically Exposed Persons list.
  • Secure & Scaleable: Our solution utilizes the latest in cloud technology for true scalability and resilience.

Get control of
your data

Your business runs using cloud SaaS applications and internal systems. You need to provide reports, business intelligence and AI experiments on all of this data. You need all of the data in one place. We make that happen with zero code or engineering time from your team. You focus on the outputs while we focus on moving the data.

  • Bring your data under your own control.

  • Improve your business workflows, products and internal software.

  • Integrate your SaaS products into a unified source of data.

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